Our FBO services

Business Aviation

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Stopover assistance

  •   Aviation information (runway office times)
  •   Invoicing and payment facilities
  •   Refuelling:

      JET A-1: runway office opening times or on request
      AVGAS 100LL available 24 hours a day with credit-card payment or during runway office opening times

  •   Payment: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, UVAIR, WFS, COLT, AVCARD, MultiService or cash (Cheques not accepted)


Facilities and ATS

  •   AFIS and Runway Services 7 days a week
  •   Dedicated areas for crew and passengers
  •   Services outside of opening times on request
  •   Free wifi
  •   Free parking



  •   Taxi on request
  •   Car rentals available
  •   Exceptional services on request
  •   Sale of drinks
  •   Sale of Champagne and local specialities