Our Region

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Down the centuries the Champagne-Ardenne region has welcomed a wide range of influences. It has preserved a rich heritage from its past: castles, fortresses, religious heritage... Each vestige can tell a story.


The numerous museums in Champagne-Ardenne are a chance to find out more about the history of this region and its contribution to the history of France and Europe.

But the region is also famous for its skill in making Champagne, with its wine cellars and tastings.

A visit to the Champagne wine cellars 10 minutes away

Epernay, the capital of Champagne, 40 minutes away


The Montagne de Reims Nature Park, 15 minutes away

Between Reims and Epernay, the Montagne de Reims Nature Park extends over 50,000 hectares. Explore the prestigious Montagne de Reims wine region, the rich forests and beautiful villages.


Faux de Verzy 15 minutes away

Come and visit the Faux de Verzy, a forest of magnificent beech trees growing in the Montagne de Reims Nature Park. Walk below the dense parasol of leaves and admire the architecturally twisted trunks.